ASV – Automated Service Vehicles

VirtuRail's corporate philosophy is based on advanced technologies and the courage to break new ground.

At the Kerenzerberg Tunnel project, our new ASV (Automated Service Vehicle) is being used for the first time worldwide. Our experience with MSV (Multi Service Vehicle) on construction sites in Greece and Austria has convinced us of the many advantages of this technology concerning construction site logistics. The VirtuRail ASV is a logical further development.

The fully electrically powered, rubber-tyred vehicles use the most modern control sensors to manage the routes for supplying the underground construction sites exactly on track without mechanical guidance.

Thanks to the electric drive, the entire construction site becomes emission-free. This makes a decisive contribution to relieving the fresh air supply on your construction site. The rubber tires make the ASV extremely flexible and the tunnel can also be passed with standard vehicles. Complex track installations can be avoided.

The vision of our VirtuRail ASV is driverless. We have developed a complex sensor and control system for this purpose. Testing of this system is presently ongoing. We are convinced that we will be able to use driverless ASV on your construction sites in the near future.

Expertise meets Innovation.


Sensor technology combined with innovative control guarantees absolute on track travel. Space requirements are kept to a minimum.


Fully electric drive reducing emissions in the form of noise and eliminating exhaust gases.

helm - sicherheit


Thanks to driverless operation, there are less people on the construction site.


Thanks to the rubber tires, our ASV can be used flexibly and without rails.

Impressions of the VirtuRail ASV

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